Tom Merchant

After 18 plus years working as a top Minnesota corporate in-house photographer-videographer, (5 years with Northwest Airlines and 13 with Unisys-Sperry Corporation), Tom left the corporate world in late 2001 to form go360media.

In 2002, Tom shot Internet virtual tours of 450 plus homes for hundreds of Twin Cities Realtors, posting these tours on the 360house.com web site. Although these were not true virtual tours but actually a series of panoramic photographs, Tom recognized that the ability to navigate around within these photos, giving the viewer an immersive perspective, was extremely powerful and of tremendous value to the realtors, home owners and buyers.

Tom studied virtual tours produced around the world, and experimented with many of the virtual reality Internet technologies and production tools. He began producing true virtual tours incorporating interactive floor-plan mapping and imbedded dynamic hot buttons within the pans that navigate the viewer from area to area, room to room. Tom also developed the capability to produce 360o X 180o Internet images, allowing the viewer to pan straight up and down as well as all the way around, creating the sense of floating within a bubble.

At the beginning of 2003, combining the technologies of the 360o X 180o images with the interactive floor-plan mapping and imbedded hot buttons, Tom began producing some of the finest and most intuitive true virtual tours found on the Internet today!

As the Internet evolves and new technologies push the limits of current understanding, Tom will continue to learn and experiment, in order to stay balanced on the cutting edge.

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